1/5 Scale Sherman Tank Showroom

Here are pictures of the fine work done by some of the folks who are building Sherman tanks from my plans. (I'm so proud!)

Steve Rosadini

Steve is building a 1/6th scale Sherman for R/C paintball combat! See his tank on the R/C Tank Combat web site.

Steve Rosadini's 1/6th scale Sherman
© 2003 Steve Rosadini

Steve replaced the turret in my plans with a T23 turret used on later model Shermans, and also replaced the horizontal volute suspension with the vertical volute system.

Craig Hadady

Craig is building a BIG version!

Craig Hadady's 30% Scale Sherman
© 2003 Craig Hadady

Craig writes:

Thought I'd write about my tank project. Thanks for a great set of plans!

Being a tinkerer myself, I've made a few mods:

I actually cut out 24 wood disks, but decided at this scale they wouldn't work too well, plus the electric motors are about 1 Hp each, rather than 1/6th. I scaled the tank up to fit the gas engine (New 6.5 Hp vertical shaft, electric start, $90 on e-bay) and a taller kid.

I've included a few photos showing progress so far - just the hull and suspension. I used 3/4" hollow tube to attach the bogies to the hull, Chevy V8 valve springs, and 2x4 - plywood laminates for the bogies themselves.

I notice from the picture that he continued the chine at the lower edge of the upper fascia all the way across the hull. A very good idea - it will increase the rigidity of the hull against distortion caused by the pull of the motors. (Wish I'd thought of it!)

Craig has his own website, with lots of pictures, at http://members.iglou.com/chadady/.

Kenneth Matthews

Kenneth Matthews' Sherman
© 2003 Kenneth Matthews

Ken writes:

Bill, I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work on this project. You have definitely made one very happy boy on this end. Kenny thanks you too. I will send you more as it goes along. My wife and I are both Cocoa Police Officers and I think this tank will be black with red and blue strobes when it is done.

Actually, I think I read somewhere that the Sherman was equipped with a siren. Not sure why (it's not like it could sneak up on you).

John Kerry

John Kerry? Well, no. Someone out there in that wild blue yonder called the internet found my website and played with one of my pictures! I found it at SacredCowBurgers.com.



© 2003 W. E. Johns