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Pickett is famous for making yellow slide rules - the ES suffix on the model name indicates that these slide rules were "Eye-Saver" yellow. Supposedly, this color was concentrated in the middle of the visual spectrum, which made it easier on the eyes.


Chromatic aberration tests establish that Angstrom "5600" is the point on the spectrum for optimum eye-ease. Pickett Eye-Saver yellow-green exactly duplicates this color value.

REDUCES EYE FATIGUE - Reds put the image behind, blues put the image in front of the retina. Eye-Saver "5600" puts the image on the retina and absorbs the actinic rays which produce "tired eyes."

AIDS ACCURACY - The contrast of graduations and legends with Eye-Saver "5600" is sharp and distinct. Positioning of the slider and cursor is more exact and the reduction of fatigue combine to avoid error and improve precision setting and reading.

NO GLARE - under any light - bright sun, fluorescent or incandescent - Eye-Saver "5600" reflects long wave length rays. White reflects all colors, including the short wave length actinic rays, which create "hot" spots.

EYE-SAVER Yellow green (Angstrom 5600) is a Pickett exclusive that helps to prevent eye-strain headaches, improve slide rule computation speed and accuracy, reduce error and lower costs. It is available on all models of Pickett All-Metal slide rules.

Actinic rays are "photochemically active radiation, as of the sun." In the above context, the term refers to ultraviolet. I strongly suspect that a significant portion of the above is advertising BS. As for "no glare", well...

Pickett N1010-ES Trig 10" Duplex

What was that about glare? I have two of these; one belonged to "Ken Papierniak". They cost $12 in the early 1960's - Y2K$67! No wonder people wrote their names on their slide rules.

Pickett Microline 120 10" Simplex

This was one of Pickett's plastic offerings. An inexpensive, but nice, slide rule. In the early 1960's, this slide rule cost $1.95 - Y2K$11.

Pickett N200-ES Trig 6"

I have two of these; one is a promotional item and labeled on the back "York Corp. Subsidiary of Borg-Warner Corp." The back of the other is blank, but the case is labeled "Thom Railshack". This one has the case, booklet, box, and the original warrantee card, numbered "A503707", which could probably be used to date this rule. In the early 1960's this slide rule cost $8 - Y2K$45.

Pickett 902 Simplex-Trig 10"

Not all Picketts were yellow. This one cost $5.50 in the early 1960's - $31 in year 2000 dollars (Y2K$). This one appears to be from 1950-1955.

Pickett 1010-T 10" Duplex

This slide rule is the same as the N1010-ES above, only white - the suffix "T" in the model number supposedly means "Traditional". This one is labeled "D. Thos Dryell", but it's very hard to read. This one was also $12 in the early 1960's. I've dated this to 1958, based on the ends and the metal cursor bars.



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