Java Applets

The computer is the ultimate gizmo, and computer programming is the ultimate gizmology. A couple of years ago I, in a fit of ambition, decided I'd try to take advantage of all my experience in the computer field and get a job doing computer things. As part of that fiasco I took a course in Java, which I quickly decided was the coolest computer language of all.

Here are some of the Java Applets that I've cooked up, both for that course and also on my own, for my personal edification.

(Naturally, all applets here are ©1999-2000 W. E. Johns.)

Morse Code

There have been a few Morse Code applets on the web, but none do what this one does - listen to you and try to figure out what you're saying!

A  .-
B  -...
C  -.-.
D  -..
E  .
F  ..-.
G  --.
H  ....
I  ..
J  .---
K  -.-
L  .-..
M  --

N  -.
O  ---
P  .--.
Q  --.-
R  .-.
S  ...
T  -
U  ..-
V  ...-
W  .--
X  -..-
Y  -.--
Z  --..

1  .----
2  ..---
3  ...--
4  ....-
5  .....
6  -....
7  --...
8  ---..
9  ----.
0  -----
.  .-.-.-
,  --..--
?  ..--..

You can type text into the applet and click the Play button, and it will beep at you. (Click Play again to make it stop.) You can also click the Rand and it will choose a string of random letters and beep them at you. And best of all, you can click away on the key and it will "read" what you're sending. Great for learning, and testing what you've learned!


GizmoButton is not just a button, it's a a fancy, whiz-bang super-button. It's behavior can be controlled, it's appearance changed with skins, and it can be ganged into interactive groups, and it can even play a sounds when clicked - different sounds for being turned on and off!

A normal, a locking, and an alternating GizmoButton, using a toggle switch skin.
(Click here to reset the locking button.)

A group of interlocking buttons - only one button in this group can be down at any time.
The right one shows the default (non-skinned) image.

Of course, GizmoButton doesn't just look good - it can actually do stuff, too! It can run a Javascript function, or send the browser (either the current window or a different one) to a different URL. Alternately, it can be accessed by Javascript as well, to set or reset the buttons or just read them to get their values.


This is a pretty simple little applet - it just takes a whopping big image and shows only a portion of it at a time. The user (you) can maneuver around the image by dragging with the mouse, and zoom in and out using the up and down arrows on the keyboard (click on it first to give it focus.)

This image is over three thousand pixels wide, but only 200 are shown at a time. It is actually a scan of three 4" x 6" photos taken of Provincetown Harbor at sunset in 2000.

I think the MorseCode and GizmoButton applets are far more impressive than this one, but this one really impressed my Java Professor.


This one was written my Mark Hall - it can be downloaded from The Java Boutique. I put it here so I can play it when I'm away from home. It's great for stress relief - just turn the volume up REAL LOUD and blast away! The neighbors will run screaming, the News Crew will show up, the FBI will surround your house...

Normal Version (540 by 400) | Monster Version (1200 by 830)


© 2003 W. E. Johns