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Of course, all these images are ©1999-2003 W. E. Johns.


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Parody Images

For all you B-5 fans, the Breakfast of Champions. By the way, do you know how to speak Minbari? Just move your fingers one key to the left on the keyboard. Oewrrt xiikm bi?

Anybody remember the movie Soylent Green? I thought this was just about the funniest thing I'd ever done, but when I went around showing people, they just looked at me blankly and asked "Is this some new soy product? Are you on a new diet?" So I ran around shouting "SOYLENT PINK IS MORONS!" but they didn't get it.

And what beverage is appropriate for a delicious meal of Soylent Pink? Why, a Gin and Toxic, of course!

My daughter is a BIG Harry Potter fan, so I added her to one of the posters. She got a big kick out of it.

Sometimes I just don't get enough sleep.


© 2003 W. E. Johns, except for the Harry Potter image which is © 2000 Warner Bros.