The "Foundry"

Here is the "foundry". I am using a coffee can furnace, slightly modified. The lower can serves as a plenum into which air is blown from a dishwasher blower. Holes in the bottom of the top can admit air to the fire.

Top view of the furnace, showing all the little holes through which air is forced into the fire.

The plenum. There are four metal tabs that keep the upper can, containing the fire, centered.

The crap that I'll be melting - the corners cut off aluminum sign panels. I've got about fifty pounds of this stuff, and lots more where this came from. It's all razor sharp, however.

My spatter screen. I'd rather not splash molten aluminum on myself. I ought to find a better way to hold it up, though - the wind blew it over at one point. The top of the furnace is sitting on some bricks to improve airflow through it while I lit the charcoal. I tried using the blower, but it just blew the fire out.

Continue to melting and casting the metal.


© 2003 W. E. Johns