Combined Camping Kitchen/Car-top Carrier

Camp Kitchen.
Combined Camping Kitchen/Car-top Carrier

We go camping for three weeks every year. One of the things we miss is having a real kitchen to work in. (The other thing is a real bathroom - I'm working on it.) The Combined Camping Kitchen/Car-top Carrier, aka the C5 (yes, I know) is designed to not only provide a convenient workspace, but also to serve as a car-top carrier to help haul our junk out to the campsite.

When "deployed", it holds a propane powered refrigerator, a propane two-burner stove, and a garbage bag. The doors are to be air-tight, more or less, with a absorption unit (probably calcium chloride) to keep the supplies dry. Everything is held 6" off the ground, as our campsite has a habit of flooding if it really pours.

When "packed", it will lie on it's back atop our car, held in place by straps attached to "hard points" on the side. It will store about 12 cubic feet of stuff while ruining our mileage. The challenge will be making the doors fit well enough that the rain - driven by a 60 mph slipstream - doesn't get into it. Another challenge will be getting it up onto the car - I expect it to weigh about 50 pounds empty.

A tentative materials list has been developed:
Quantity Item
2 4'x 8'x 1/2" exterior plywood, cut as per cutting plan
1 nominal 2"x 4", cut to form chines
2 30" piano hinge
2 36" piano hinge
4 metal handles
4 latches
30 1/2" felt weather stripping, foot
1-1/4" wallboard screws
wood glue
polyurethane or deck paint

Most materials have been obtained, and construction is planned to begin as soon as the dollhouse is finished.


© 2003 W. E. Johns