Blender Library

3/8-16UNC bolt, nut, and washers.

Blender wasn't designed for precise, accurate work, but rather for artistic purposes. Building precise objects can be a real pain, because of the lack of CAD functions like fillet, solid intersection, etc, but it can be done.

Despite the difficulties, I do a lot of designing in Blender, mostly because it lets me animate my creations to see them in action (and because it's free). It even has a built-in game engine, which I use to apply physics (of a sort) to my contraptions to see if they actually work (and it's free). It's built-in rendering engine works quite well, and using the sequence editor, I can even assemble renderings into videos to show others (for free!). Did I mention that Blender is free?

I've heard good things about AutoDesk Inventor and SolidWorks, but Blender is ... I may have mentioned this ... free.

So, I thought I'd share my library of Blender files.

Most of these objects do not have any materials attached. I prefer to attach materials after I append them to whatever I'm working on (to avoid duplicate materials).

Most of these models represent real objects - I sat down with an example and a micrometer and modeled them. Examples of this are the Ford Remote Mirror Servo, and the Tuff Torq Transmission. Others were modeled based on drawings and dimensions given in manufacturer literature, such as the Alltrax motor controller, or from reference guides such as Machinery's Handbook.

A few, however, are purely conjectural, which is to say that I just pulled them out of my ... uh, I completely made them up from whole cloth: for example, the 2-cyl 2-stroke turbodiesel engine, conjured out of the thin air of my fevered and twisted imagination. Such conjectural objects contain "(typ)" in the filename.

Lastly, a few do not represent objects at all, such as the logarithmic spiral or the involute curve, or the electronic symbols, but are useful in creating other objects. (Involute curves used in making gears.)

Included is a Materials Library, and also a "tourist", which runs in the Blender Game engine and lets you "walk around" and tour (thus the name) architectural models.

In all these files, one Blender unit equals one inch. (And stop sending me "Stupid American, convert these to metric or else!" emails. Convert them yourself, asshole.)

  • air pump.blend
  • Alltrax controller.blend
  • ATC fuse.blend
  • ball handle.blend
  • battery clamp, automotive.blend
  • battery, automotive, size 24.blend
  • battery, BP40-12 40AH 12V.blend
  • battery, LFP40.blend
  • battery, LFP60.blend
  • battery, LFP90.blend
  • battery, NiFe 183AH 2V.blend
  • battery, standard sizes.blend
  • battery, Trojan TR-145 145AH 6V.blend
  • bearing, 0.675 id 1.375 od.blend
  • bearing, 608.blend
  • bearing, lazy susan, 3 inch.blend
  • bearing, roller.blend
  • bolt, 0.25-20UNC 1 inch, nut and washer.blend
  • bolt, 0.375-16UNC 1 inch.blend
  • bottle, soda, 20 oz.blend
  • brake, disk (typ).blend
  • burner, propane, Oliver Upwind.blend
  • chain, hoisting, 0.5 inch.blend
  • chain, roller, no. 25.blend
  • chain, tabletop conveyor, DV-400.blend
  • chain, tabletop conveyor, Rex 5705.blend
  • chair, folding (typ).blend
  • circuit board (typ).blend
  • coffee can, 11.5 oz.blend
  • coffee can, 34.5 oz.blend
  • coupling, flexible, 0.25 inch.blend
  • cup, paper, Stewart's 20 oz.blend
  • die, 20-sider.blend
  • diode.blend
  • drum, 25-gallon.blend
  • drum, 55-gallon.blend
  • DVR, 4-ch vehicle, MDVR-T9008.blend
  • Elcon PFC2000 charger.blend
  • electrical symbols.blend
  • engine, 2-cyl 2-stroke turbodiesel (typ).blend
  • fan, 60mm, Sanyo Pico Ace 25.blend
  • fan, 80mm.blend
  • Ford Remote Mirror Servo.blend
  • guage, 3 inch.blend
  • hard drive platter, 3.75 inch.blend
  • heat exchanger, 729 sq in.blend
  • hook, crane.blend
  • Involute Curve.blend
  • jug, 5 gallon.blend
  • Keyboard.blend
  • LCD Monitor.blend
  • LED, 3mm.blend
  • LED, 5mm.blend
  • LED, 8mm.blend
  • log spiral.blend
  • MATERIALS.blend
  • mattress, inflatable (typ).blend
  • Motor, ADC A00-4009.blend
  • motor, eTec-R.blend
  • Motor, eTec.blend
  • motor, gear, 265-1002.blend
  • motor, Mabuchi 7L.blend
  • motor, small (typ).blend
  • pinched tube.blend
  • plug, 120v AC.blend
  • plug, Molex, 2 pin, male.blend
  • propane tank, 20 lbs.blend
  • propane tank, 20 oz.blend
  • radiator (typ).blend
  • seat.blend
  • servo, Futaba Standard.blend
  • shipping container, 40 ft.blend
  • solar panel, 15W.blend
  • sparkplug.blend
  • spring, extension, 4 long 0.5 dia.blend
  • sprocket, 25B10.blend
  • sprocket, 25B40.blend
  • steering wheel.blend
  • switch, limit.blend
  • switch, pushbutton.blend
  • TOURIST.blend
  • transmission, tuff torq, 3 speed.blend
  • valve, SMT VJ3130.blend
  • valve, solenoid, Alco 200RB.blend
  • wheel, 13x5-6 (typ).blend
  • wheel, automotive (typ).blend
  • wheel, motorcycle, 25 inch Harley.blend

60mm Sanyo Pico Ace 25 computer fan

SMT VJ3130 solenoid valve

computer keyboard

pushbutton switch

spark plug

12v air compressor

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© 2010 W. E. Johns